Glow Party

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Glow Party
All the UV Blacklight Reactive or Glow-in-the-Dark makeup you need to take your glow party to the next level!

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  • Glow Face & Body Paint
    Make a bold statement at any event. Glow in the Dark Face and Body Paints are a three in one product that are not only vibrant neon colours, but also glow in the dark (when charged with a light source) and fluorescent when exposed to UV blacklight.
  • Glow Paint Sticks
    Glow in the Dark Paint Sticks, the most effective way to create designs as individual as you are. Perfect for festivals, clubs, child’s play, face painting. Regardless of whether you’re a design amateur or you have an artistic flair then this is the accessory you have been waiting for!
  • UV Glitter Gel
    Stand out from the crowd with Glitter Body Gels. With a very high glitter ratio, amazing effects can be created. Quick drying, the gel applies to the body and glows under UV light.
  • Glow Eye Mascara
    Our Glow in The Dark Mascara does it all, Bright Neon colours in normal light, UV Reactive under black light and also stores energy to give a subtle Glow in The Dark effect. Use the invisible for a “stealth” Glow effect. Imagine, you are in a club the UV lights are strobing away and your Eyes Lashes are glowing with the beat and then giving a soft afterglow when the lights go out.
  • Glow Nail Polish
    Want it all in 1 product? Then this Nail Polish is for you… Bright Neon UV reactive quick drying chip resistant nail polish that also stores energy for a glow in the dark effect, or use the invisible over the top of your favourite nail polish to add Glow in the Dark.
  • Glow Hair Streaks
    Bad hair day? Drag some colour through your locks with our Glow in the Dark Hair Streaks and turn a dull day into a bright one. Neon, UV Reactive and subtle Glow in the Dark all in one fantastic little tube.
  • Glow Hair Gel
    Express Yourself with our Glow in The Dark Hair Gel. Surprise everyone with the invisible hair gel that glows or make your statement with 7 bright neon colours. It Spikes…It Holds…It Glows.
  • UV Glow Lipstick
    Are you after the perfect pout? Looking to stand out on the dance floor? Plump up and brighten your lips with our gorgeous Glow Me Up™ Neon Lipstick. Our smooth and creamy texture allows for easy application that lasts for hours. Bright Neon during day and at dusk with that vibrant glow under UV light.